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Welcome to the Australasian Court Reporting Industry Association website.

The Australasian Court Reporting Industry Association Inc. (ACRIA) was established in May 2005 by the major freelance companies involved in production and delivery of court recording, reporting and transcription services in Australia and New Zealand.

ACRIA was established to provide leadership and direction to the court reporting industry by promoting and supporting exemplary professional standards for court reporting and transcription services in Australia.  Its chief objectives are:

  • To develop and promote professional industry standards;
  • To protect industry integrity by creating codes of practice;
  • To promote an industry profile, including an understanding of the responsibilities and operational requirements of the industry, to both government and non-government sectors throughout Australia;
  • To provide professional development, education and accreditation opportunities for the Australian court reporting and transcription industry through publications, training courses, meetings and other activities.

Since its inception, ACRIA has consistently revised and adapted its strategic outlook to enable achievement of its goals through the above objectives.  ACRIA’s core membership is enthusiastic about the future, whilst at the same time cognisant of the skills shortages facing many facets of today’s workforce.  To that extent, ACRIA believes its goals and objectives are of great importance to employees, employers, service providers and service users alike.